HE HEARS Written by Michelle Martin

The excited squeals and screams from my nineteen nieces and nephews filled the crisp autumn air as they prepared for our family’s annual Thanksgiving obstacle course. Children of various ages and sizes stopped to listen for their instructions, all the while planning their strategy in order to secure the fastest time.

As I surveyed the pending pandemonium from the edge of the lawn, a tender scene was unfolding before my eyes. My three year old niece, not yet old enough to participate in the obstacle course, was tugging on her father’s sleeve. I noticed that there were tears streaming down her face and her little tummy was heaving as she was trying to catch her breath between sobs. Although he was in the middle of giving obstacle course instructions, her father stopped in mid-sentence, bent down on one knee and wiped his child’s tears. I felt my own throat tighten and my eyes begin to moisten as he leaned his ear within inches of his daughter’s mouth. I could see that he was concentrating on her every word. Then he drew her closer with his hands, looked directly into her eyes and spoke to her for a few moments. As my niece buried her head in her father’s chest, he scooped her up, carried her a few feet away and placed her on her grandmother’s lap.

This is a vivid picture to me describing Psalm 34:15 “The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their cry.” As believers we are children of God. The word of God says that we are to come to him as little children, trusting and expectant. Whether we come to him with cries of joy or pain, our Heavenly Father leans close, careful to hear every word. He listens intently, drawing us to his bosom to comfort us, rejoice in us. Not everyone has had the blessing of an attentive and loving earthly father who inclined his ear and his heart to them. Yet, as you grow in your faith and knowledge of your Heavenly Father may you come to him as a trusting child, expecting to receive his attention and love.